Photowalking is the act of walking with a camera for the main purpose of taking pictures of things that the photographer may find interesting. Hmm, you learn something everyday.

I have Google and Wikipedia to thank for that definition, and my good friend Ted Orr for the invitation. Although this could be classified as my 500th photowalk it was my first within the Cantwell Cliffs area of Hocking Hills State Park.. Having been to Hocking a few times i’ve never heard of Cantwell Cliffs, so this was a good opportunity to scout out some new areas to photograph. Our weather was horrible, but again there’s a big advantage of having some familiarity with a location for when you return. We knew the conditions were not optimal, but getting out for some RR, regardless, was a welcomed event. Hocking Hills is typically pretty busy in the summer and fall months. There is plenty to do and see with all the falls, Old Man’s Cave , and trails. However, for us photographers Hocking Hills can be just as beautiful during the winter. I think Ted and I came away with a new area to target this winter as we plan our next PhotoWalk…..Hike with Camera!! Enjoy, some of these images were taken last year.

Old Man's Cave Hocking Hills State Park Ohio Hocking Hills State Park Ohio Ice Fall Full Moon Ice Fall Hocking Hills State Park Ohio

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