Cory Klein | Making my home in Dublin, Ohio, with my wife and three children, my photography often takes me well beyond the banks of the Scioto, as my work has become more nationally recognized.

And I’m deeply grateful for every new opportunity, because commercial assignments are what enable me to do what I love best — capture images that reflect the beauty, function and value of architecture rising from a rich variety of landscapes.  Natural wonders, human wonders in perfect harmony.

I’m happy to report there’s still joy in every assignment.  The drive to see, and to think, and to prepare never gets old.  Neither does that moment when the shutter clicks  and I’m confident I’ve reached that delicate balance between artistic expression and telling the story, meeting the specific goals of my clients.  When all is said and done, building images for clients is what it’s all about. If you are interested in learning more about any of the images on this site, please contact me at 513.383.9655 or email